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"McTeachers' Night" at Local McDonald's Raises Funds for DMS Students

"McTeachers' Night" at Local McDonald's Raises Funds for DMS Students

On March 6, 2024, The Downingtown Middle School Faculty and staff Turned our local McDonald's into Downingtown McMiddle School when they jumped behind the counters to raise money in support of their students.

What better way to have dinner or a quick treat than to have it with the best teachers, principals, and staff taking your order, serving it to your table, and even delivering it straight to your car?   That’s just what happened when the faculty and staff at Downingtown Middle School took over one night this month at the local McDonald's.  After a brief training session by the amazingly patient and supportive staff at the Downingtown McDonald's location, DMS teachers, staff, and principals were taking walk-in orders, delivering mobile orders, frying delicious fries, and shaking countless shamrock shakes!! Twenty percent of the night’s proceeds were to come directly back to DMS to support our students, school activities, and programs.  In just 3 hours our amazing community was able to raise over $1500 for our students.  The endless smiles throughout the night were just as big as students and their families were greeted by our DMS mascot and cheerleaders, ordered by a principal, or shook the hands of their teacher at the drive-thru window.

In preparation for the big event, students had been working to showcase their DMS pride by highlighting their responsibility, resourcefulness, respect, and resiliency – our 4 Rs to owning your actions at DMS.  Students have earned reward tickets eligible for McDonald's sandwiches, treats, and meals all year long, proving the MCawesomeness never ends at DMS!

It is with great appreciation that we thank our community, students, staff, and principals for an amazingly successful event!